When to start potty training is the most often asked question, Potty training is an important part of every child’s development. Some are ready earlier, while other babies are delayed slightly. By recognizing the signs of readiness, you will save a lot of time and effort on thinking when to start potty training by introducing it to your baby to the potty training early.
Once you introduce it to your baby, you need to have patience. This barely happens overnight, and even if you succeed, there may still be occasional mishaps.

Potty training babies

Best Time For potty Training.

Toilet training attainment depends on your child’s readiness, both physical and emotional. The average age is between 2 to 3, although many are not ready until later.
If your child is showing signs like telling you when they need to be changed, or they can pull their pants up and down, they may be nearly ready to begin.

How To Begin?

Potty training is a process. At first,

Find a potty chair that your child likes. It doesn’t need to remain in the bathroom, in fact, you can have more than one so, you are never far from one when nature calls.
Let your child decorate the potty chair with stickers if you wish, and let him sit on it while clothed, so, he can watch TV or listen to a story.
When your child begins to show signs of needing to relieve himself, you can ask if they would like to use the potty chair. Take him to the chair and tell him what he should do. If he sits on the seat, don’t force him to stay there longer than a few minutes at a time.
If he resists using it, he probably isn’t ready for potty training yet, you can delay for a while. You might try emptying his dirty nappies into the potty chair to help him understand what to do. Model the behavior that you want… let your child see you using the toilet.
Schedule potty breaks. If they want to, let your child sit on the potty chair several times per day for a few minutes each time. Have your child watch a video or read them a book about using the potty.
Even if nothing comes to pass while they are in the bathroom, praise them for trying. Let them know they are doing well, and they can try again later.

Have Patience

Be prepared for some accidents. Your child is not doing it on purpose to irritate you. Just reassure your child that next time they’ll make it to the potty. Scolding and disciplining your child for an accident just adds to their embarrassment and may actually delay their training.
If your child is immersed in an activity, remind them occasionally about using the toilet. If you get them used to a routine, such as right after they get up, after each meal and before bedtime, it will help. Moreover, if you notice them showing telltale signs, point it out to them to use potty trainers or washrooms.so that they can realize it too.

Important times to remind your child to try to get on with potty training:

  • Before going to sleep or napping
  • After waking up or napping
  • Before eating
  • After waking up or napping
  • Before eating
  • After eating
  • Before leaving on a trip
  • After a trip

When To Talk To The Doctor

Some children do have some medical reasons for not being able to potty train. If your child shows signs of regression, specifically if they are older, talk to your family doctor. They may have some suggestions or tests that can be conducted.

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