Potty Training Tips From Parents To Parents:

potty training

Time for potty training tips!

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Of all the areas that must be taught correctly is about potty training.it is probably a solitarily most important one.

Understanding when to start and what to do is a learning process for parents. especially for new parents, It can be challenging but rewarding.

what time is best for potty training?

Children usually begin to learn the potty right about the time the “terrible twosome ” arrives. This is a very striking time for new mamas, because when you say “stop” the baby will say “go”, and you say “up” the baby will proclaim “down”.

This behaviour is a healthy part of a baby’s development and is natural. Your child is just becoming aware of themselves, their desires, and their unique personality. The point is to be aware of how you prepare your junior to the potty regime.

Trying to force them into the bathroom will undoubtedly result in a “NO!”. Do not punish and don’t get into a struggle with a child. If you do, then everyone will lose. Just tell them (and know) that they will get there in their own time with gentle guidance

positive, enjoyable things to motivate the child potty train.

There are several good videos available. These reinforce the potty training while keeping the child entertained with a catchy child’s tune. Watch the video, learn the song together and sing it when junior goes to the potty.

  • Let them know they have done well. When they head to potty successfully,
  • let it be known that you appreciate it.
  • Sing a certain tune when they go to the potty room and another when they finish. The child feels accomplished and confident now. Some parents even applaud a little to enhance the behaviour.

motivating tips to potty train babies

Take your child to a book store or a library to pick a few stories that they really like and enjoy. Enforce that these will only be read at potty time. When the time comes, read together with the child and use positive reinforcement to build confidence.

Additional Potty Training Tips

Parents, this is where you can be creative.

  • Some kids respond to rewards, so get a stock of stickers, small treats or other rewards for a “potty-time” experience. When the child goes successfully, use a positive prop and give them a small reward.

potty training boys

Boys are harder than girls for obvious reasons. A misled stream can be messy as well. as a challenge for little boys, simple trick one parent can utilize is to play “target practice” at potty time.
Place a sticker for him to aim to the potty. One of the mom threw a handful of cheerios and told him to aim for it and sink them. The process took about a week or two and the boy had no mistakes after that.

potty training for girl babies

A good potty training tip for girl baby is to add food colouring to the water (red or blue works best here). When the pee-pee hits it, it turns colours.


Kids just love the fact that they have done something they were supposed to do. Praise their accuracy and make them feel good about themselves.
When applying these potty training tips you will notice that potty training does not have to be hard and can even be fun for both parent and child. I can tell you that this is something your child will remember as they get older. It is vital to make these days happy ones.


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