Green potty in babies |causes|what it means |

Many parents get panic when they see green potty in babies.
are you wondering what does green potty mean in babies or what might be causing it? Here is a complete guide on baby poop, how many times does baby poop and consistency of poop is one of important sign to keep track of baby health.

Is the green potty sign of concern?

The answer is “no”.
There is no need to worry about the greening of poop.
Many parents miss-concept on thinking that greening of poop is due to cold. there is no any relation between the cold and greening of poop.

What does green potty mean?

Typically, potty colour is brown or yellow most of the time due to bile pigments.
Our liver, secrets fat with the help of bile and the actual pigment of bile is yellowish-green which is why undigested foods come out as greenish poop. if the bile absorbs fat in the food it degrades to brown poop.

Some babies get yellowish poop because of the quick transition of food through the intestine.
If there is heightened gut motility then there is no enough time to convert greenish bile into Brown which results in green poop.longer the food stays more time for bile to degrade. if bile doesn’t get enough time to degrade food it comes out green.

Causes of green potty

The main cause of green poop is bile, not getting enough time to degrade the food and this might be due to various reasons like:

  • Loose motion
  • Diarrhoea
  • Imbalance of fore-milk and hind-milk: feeding more of fore-milk In breastfed babies may result in greenish poop
  • Teething: During teething, babies consume more saliva which goes straight into the stomach resulting in green poop
  • Green food consumption: Due to the consumption of green food or colouring agent in foods. It also transforms from the mother to the baby through breast milk
  • Vaccination: Some vaccines and antibiotics cause green pigmented poop
  • Viral infection

Signs of concerns

If you see any of these signs contact your child physician immediately

  • Black potty: If baby poop is black it suggests there’s internal bleeding in the upper part of the body which gets degraded by bile and comes out as black poop
  • White Color potty: It is a sign of liver obstruction
  • Red colour poop: Bleeding in a rectal polyp or due to piles.
  • Stomach ache with any pigmented potty

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