newborn development month-1 

stages of baby development month by month in detail given; Baby transferring from new-born to toddler has to undergo various transformation within a year. Babies develop and grow rapidly each passing month of the first year. 

  •  it’s obvious that every parent wonders what to expect each passing month. 
  • for some parent, it would be hard to know if the baby is on track or not. 
  •  In the first year, babies develop in various ways like thinking, communicating and problem-solving called cognitive skills. 

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not sure what to expect? 

here is a complete guide to your new-born developmental milestones to look for:  

Month One:  

  • Babies are born with extra body fluid and typically lose their birth weight in the beginning. 
  •  later they stabilize and start gaining their weight back. 

Motors Skills:  

  • your baby nervous system is still at a developing pace. 
  • you will notice your baby is born with innate reflexes like sucking, grasping, fist hands and random movements.  


  • Your new-born is rapidly adjusting to the new environment he will be spending most of his time sleeping and feeding.  


  • New-born are short-sighted, with the fuzzy eyes sight. 
  • range of vision is 20 to 30 cm. which means, baby can see only people who are nearby.  
  • Your babies hearing is not yet developed completely but can recognize their parent’s voice.  
  • Your baby’s sense of smell is fully developed. 
  • they recognize the scent of their mother’s nipple and breast milk within the first week.  


  • Breastfed babies tend to feed 8 to 12 times a day (i.e. every 2 to 3 hours ) 
  • whereas bottle-fed babies may require only 6 to 8 times.  


  • New-born has one mode of communication i.e. crying, they might cry for various reasons like hungry, wet nappy or tired.  


  • Babies love skin contact, give your new-born a lot of hugs and cuddles.  
  • Exercising like, moving baby legs in cycling motion help to tone baby muscles, which help in crawling and walking.  


Contact your child Dr in the case of following signs;  

  • If your baby doesn’t seem to respond to loud noise   
  • If your baby keeps on crying for more than 3 to 4 hours a  

stages of baby development month-2 

“Hurray! Your baby has passed the new-born stage and ready to step into infant phase”.  

Baby growth  

Your baby will start showing their developmental milestones, for example, their likes and dislikes, as a mother you will get to know the reason behind crying through your instinct as they might cry for hunger, tiredness, or needing a nappy change.  

Motor skills  

  • Your baby can lift their head to 45a ° angle and has more control over their bodies.   
  • Baby has strong sucking reflexes.  
  • Though, the baby doesn’t have complete coordination development they might try to bat at colourful toys hanging in front of them.  


  • Your baby sleep patterns haven’t changed much, they might wake up every 3 hrs or so, in the night, for feeding.  
  • Try to put your baby to sleep on their own after feeding.  
  • Put your baby to sleep on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 


  • Your baby can see things 45 cm apart.   
  • Your baby hearing is developing too, he will love to listen to your sound.  


In this month you will see the toothless smile of your baby, which will melt your heart and will ease all of your hardship across pregnancy.  

stages of Baby development month-3 

By this month your baby has developed a strong attachment to you and might have grown in size 

Baby growth 

  • Your baby is aware of what is going on around and might have settled into a routine  

Motor skills 

  • Your baby neck strength is improving and he might be able to hold his head with little or no wobbling 
  • He might be able to support his head and chest with their arms while lying on stomach, and enough strength to kick their legs 
  • Your baby has hand-eye coordination and might be able to grab colourful toys and put them  straight into their mouth 


  • Your baby nervous system is developing rapidly and he will be able to accommodate more milk and formula  
  • He will be able to sleep for about 6-7 hrs continuously during the night which helps you to get a good night sleep  


  • Your baby will be able to turn towards the sound of his parents and smile  
  • Your baby still prefers colourful and intense contrasts 


  • your baby is turning into a unique human being called hatchlings.
  • which mean babies are coming out of their shell and start exploring and reacting to the world around them.
  • your baby starting to communicate with ‘oh ’and ‘ah’ respond to them by enacting what you’re about to do, for example; let’s change your nappy” Or “let’s give you a warm bath” 


Always trust your instincts as a mother, there might be lots of parental advice you get from everyone around if you feel anything valuable and well implement it. if you feel its worthless feel free to leave it out. 


  • If your baby doesn’t follow objects with their eyes by 3 months 
  • Doesn’t grasp and hold objects by 3 months 
  • Crosses eyes most of the time 

stages of Baby development by month 4 

You may have lots of fun time or your house may be filled with laughter, smiling and giggling  

Motor skills 

  • Your baby might be skilful and doing chores more with their hands like moving toys and grabbing anything within their reach (if you don’t want a painful tug to remove your necklace and earrings and bun out your hair) 
  • Your baby has good head control while sitting supported and able to hold their chest and head upright while lying on the stomach 
  • He might be able to roll from the tummy to their back at this point 
  • He can also kick and push with his feet   


Your four-month-old baby vision has sharpened to about 6/12 (20/40) they can pick many bright colours 


  • The world health organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months 
  • If your planning to give solids by now start by giving rice, cereals with veggies or mashed fruits like avocado, banana, apple etc. 
  • If your baby is not ready for solids, he might push it out with his tongue, which means you have to wait for about one or two more weeks 


  • Your babies are learning to be effective communicators, in this month your baby is not only gurgling and cooing but also expressing emotions through various facial expressions 
  • He is also learning to read your emotions and facial expressions 


It’s time to start thinking about childproofing your home though your baby is not crawling yet, he will be able to run around very soon 

stages of Baby development month 5 

Your baby is developing rapidly, he will be watching you intently as you speak to him and learning how the language works 

Baby growth 

Motor skills 

  • Your baby is able to sit for a moment without the assistant 
  • They may even start to learn to creep by this month   
  • They can hold a bottle for themselves 


  • Your baby might be able to sleep throughout the night by now (start a bedtime routine) 
  • He might take 2 naps in the morning 


Babies still don’t have a complete vision, but their eyes can focus together without crossing, they can even differentiate between two shades of the same colours 


  • Your baby can understand the feelings through expressions and he might be good at expressing his feelings. (like squeaking loud when he is excited) 
  • Your babies can understand simple words like ‘no’ they can even understand when you call out their name. 


  • Play peek-a-boo they will love it 
  • Give your baby simple colourful toys to play which will help in boosting their memory 

stages of Baby development month –6 

Your baby growth will slow down hereafter to about one pound in weight and half an inch in Hight 

Motor skills 

  • Your able is able to sit with support 
  • Your baby is able to roll from stomach to their back and vice-versa 
  • He is able to creep forward and backwards and to slide around with their tummies 


  • Your baby is able to sleep six to eight hours continuously 
  • You may notice your baby sleeping a lot on their tummies, don’t panic since the risk of SIDS have decreased by now but it’s better to make them sleep on their back 


There may be a change in baby eye colour. lighter eye colour tends to go through several changes before settling on their final colour often by six months  


  • Try varieties of foods, if they don’t like to wait for a few more days since babies taste buds can change each day  
  • Look out if your baby is allergic to any kind of food 
  • Don’t give honey and cow’s milk since they contain bacteria which might cause botulism 


  • Your baby might be able to babble by now like mama baba 
  • Try to answer your babies cues that way he will learn the language quickly 


  • Every baby develop on their own pace, if you find any milestones your baby is lacking with, for now, he will be able to do  it sooner, these are rough ideas what should you expect each month 
  • If your baby is pre-mature then he might need more time to discover. 
  • If you have any concern’s over your baby development talk to your baby pedestrian 

stages of Baby development month- 7 

Your baby might start poking their milk sooner and he might able to respond when you call out his name. 

Motors skill 

  • Your baby is able to creep, crawl, roll  and combine all these movements 
  • He might be able to sit without support by now 
  • Your baby can even hold themselves on their legs while supported 


Most of the sense of baby has developed now you might see your babies teeth emerging 


Now your might not only able eat solid that are pureed but also mashed once ones  


  • Your baby might now strat understanding languages they follow commands  
  • at this age, your baby memory has developed significantly along with objects performance he might develop separation anxiety. 

stages of Baby Development month 8 

Now that your baby is exploring the world around them and getting curious about anything and everything each passing day  

Motor skill  

  • Your baby might able to stand by pulling themselves out with the support like the chair, sofa etc. 
  • Most babies are crawling around freely by this month.  
  • Your baby can track the object in the room and decide if they want it or not and crawl over and pick them.  
  • Some babies develop pincer grip by now i,e they can grab tiny particles with the help of using thumb and fingers. 


Your baby might sleep an average of 13 to 14 hours a day 


  • Your baby might be more interested in table food than breast milk or formula but they still need breast milk 24 to 32 ounces daily. 
  • You can introduce finger foods by now since your baby has developed pincer grip and chewing skills. 
  • (best finger foods are bananas and well-cooked meals cut into bite sizes and never leave your baby unattended during meal times.) 


  • Your baby can understand object performance and can anticipate daily routine. 
  • They can understand cause and effect  
  • Baby now knows what he likes and dislikes and may reject some foods 
  • He might understand the meaning of basic words like mama, papa etc. 


If you haven’t done baby proofing by now you better do it and clear up any small object lying around. 

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stages of baby development by Month – 9 

In this month baby is notching more milestones.  

Motors skills 

  • Your baby is professional in crawling up and down the stairs easily 
  • Your baby might able to change various positions from sitting to crawling or pull a standby. 


  • Your baby nervous system and brain is developing which will create a foundation for learning.
  • reading, singing and talking to your baby will help in boosting his memory. 


  • Your baby is developing to be a great listener and reader of body language and try various ways like babbling and funny sounds to make you happy.
  • your baby might develop separation and stranger anxiety which might be hard for you. 


  • Your baby is now eager to move around let him explore but have an eye on him. 
  • Start to set limits like saying no and don’t when he is about to get into danger.

stages of baby development by Month-10  

In this month you may be able to see your babies first step of walking, hold on to the camera and capture the moments.  

Motors skills  

  • Your baby is able to crawl, sit and stand on their own  
  • Now your babies coordination is improving he might pick up every single tiny thing and put in his mouth (be careful of choking hazards)  
  • He can use his hands for a different task in a single time  


  • Try to expand your baby palate with a wide variety of foods  
  • You can introduce thicker consistency and more table foods cut into small pieces  


  • You may start mimicking everything and copy what you say or do  
  • He can understand simple one-step command and understand meanings of words like cat, dog etc 


Even though your baby hasn’t started to talk, converse with her as much as possible, this will help in learning language quickly and motivate her in talking. 

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